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Hello lovelies,

I haven't been around lately (except for Facebook and tumblr, shame on me!) but con season started again and I am so hyped by all the amazing cosplays I've seen so far. I have been to Japan Expo (in France) and Närcon (in Sweden) and this weekend I will attend an Austrian convention. The only two German conventions I will go to are Connichi and Nicon (latter because I actually only want to meet some dear friends again..|D).
I will try to be around deviantart more often and to comment on all the pictures I like very much. This will probably end in October again when my new university term starts and damn, I will have a lot of exhausting classes this term. Plus I am still working three times a week, 8.5 hours a day. But I am saving up for my trip to Japan in December and for furniture in my new flat (which, wen I am finished with it, should be very baroque-ish. Furniture, y u so expensive?).

There is finally a new channel on youtube for all of my vlogs (from paris, japan expo and I am still working on Närcon video).
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I wish you all a wonderful summer, enjoy the sun (or not), eat a lot of ice-cream and have fun!


P.s. what are your plans for the rest of your summer? ^^
I made my first cosplay vlog about the fotoshooting I had last Saturday.

It's really random :D
Con season has started again and this year, I want to meet up with a lot of people again.
Tell me if you will visit:
and want to meet up ^____^
last year I was featured by dear :iconyvyne: and it took me ages but here it is:

- In order to get featured, you must be one of first twelve people to comment on this journal .
- If you comment, you're automatically participating with this - no exceptions. You must do the same in your journal,
and make sure you feature me when you do! The idea of this meme is to share art, not receive free exposure.

Here are some of :iconyvyne: amazing pictures (and I just love her Asami pictures, it was hard to only choose one of them!):
Hold The Line by Yvyne HoND - Mea Culpa by Yvyne Etrange by Yvyne
Go check out :iconzenbeli:s cosplays now. She has such wonderful ones! *___*
Charles Francis Xavier by ZenBeli MOB OVA 1 by ZenBeli I proudly present Germany by ZenBeli
:icontherestlesscosplay: is an american cosplayer with a perfect series of princess tutu pictures!
Fairy by TheRestlessCosplay Crow of a Raven by TheRestlessCosplay Lavender Blush by TheRestlessCosplay
Brand new feature! This time with :iconokami-kiba:!
Claymore: Fight like a girl! by Okami-kiba TB: Welcome to Memphis by Okami-kiba BSSM: Born out of a beautiful dream by Okami-kiba
New Feature with a fellow Austrian cosplayer :iconshaddow190:
Beauty Of The Moment - RebornLambo by shaddow190 Reborn! - Xanxus by shaddow190 Follow My Lead - HisuiKyouichi by shaddow190
Newest Feature with the cute :icontatertot-cosplay:
Soul Eater: Grin by TaterTot-Cosplay Lolita: Not Telling by TaterTot-Cosplay Disney: Mustache Disguises by TaterTot-Cosplay
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Hello lovelies,

I made an ask blog on tumblr, please check it out here ( if you are interested and send me a lot of questions <3!

Thank you!
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I'm on holidays with my sister and we travel around poland. Tomorrow we will drive to Gdansk and I am already really excited.
At home, a lot of pictures wait to be uploaded on deviantart but I will be back on the 18th. And omg...everything here in Poland is so tasty ;____;! I eat too much.

I am thinking about going to a con in Hungary, MondoCon. Any Hungarians here who can tell me if its good or not? Also, the program and everything is in hungarian and I can't read anything T_T
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Even though I thought I wouldn't, this year I will attend Animagic again.
I hope to see some of you there!

Exam time is coming up soon and I will probably not be online much, but send me a message and I will answer it asap :heart:
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It's getting hotter and sunnier and this also means that the convention time is coming up.
I really hope I'll manage to go to a German con but this year looks really bad T__T But therefore I'll visit most of the Austrian conventions :heart:

Also, thank you for 15000 pageviews! This is really amazing!

I made a new tumblr cosplayblog with a lot of diy stuff:
add me :heart:

okay, now my usual question: any book recommendation for me?
I'm currently reading American gods by Neil gaiman and total intreaged by it *Q* but I'll finish it soon...;___; too soon!


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I'll be in Berlin from 6th to 10th of February. My mobile phone is on anyway and if there is something important please text me! Roaming is still so expensive >___<.
Expect some pictures!

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Momentan bin ich so versessen auf Nailart. Ich glaube, jede Woche trudeln mind. 3 Pakete mit Nagelsticker, aufklebbaren Steinchen oder Acrylmodls ein. Ist noch jemand ein Fan davon? Ich würde mich gerne über gewisse Techniken austauschen :heart:
Meine Nägel der letzten Wochen:


Name of Image

Name of Image

und momentan habe ich rote Herzen und rote Erdbeeren :heart:

Falls ihr mehr erfahren wollt, könnt ihr gerne auf meinem Blog vorbeischauen ^^
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I finally have time to write the entry...sorry for the long delay!

The rules are simple:
Get onto my site and catch the 10.000 pageview, screenshot it and send it to me.
You will win a prize which is something handmade by my very person (and the shipping fee will be on me!), so please teake part!
Good luck!
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oh wow...only 400 more and I have 10.000 pageviews! Thank you very much!

Maybe I'll do a give-away for the person with the 10.000 pageview but let's see. Details will probably follow in the next few days.
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Hey guys~
I'm back from Scandinavia and, apart from all the stupid rain, it was a wonderful trip.
I especially liked Copenhagen and Stockholm!
My sister will probably update her DA with pictures, so keep an eye on her DA please :heart:
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I am looking forward to see all of you again <3
If anybody needs my mobile phone number, please write a note!
tomorrow :iconslippeddee: and me will take the train and go to a german Convention, Animuc.
Would anybody on my f-list like to meet up? :heart:
Have a nice weekend~
DA was not working for me for days. It gave me a heart attack because I knew from friends, that it was definitely working for them.
I couldn't access the art, cosplays and comics on this site for days and it was driving me up the walls T_T
but yes, it works again and I have no idea why o_O
I still have 4 exams coming up and one especially big one on Monday (history). Hopefully I'll manage >_<!
LBM Cosplay is not really working out for me. Therefore I'll show up without a cosplay *Gasp*
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uff, I was in Prague two days, of course without internet, and when I came back I had more than 1000messages pictures for me. Yikes. Looking through all those pictures will take time, I guess I will have to leave some of the communities again ;___;~

but Prague was really pretty. It has been my third time there already and it never fails to impress me. The buildings, the delicious food, just the wonderful feeling of the city....haaaah~ so  nice! I hope some pictures turn out to be good, so I can upload them on DA :heart:
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The title says everything about this very random entry, but I wanted to remove the merry christmas posting with something more appropriate :3

My convention planner for this summer is quite stuffed and I already begun to sew the clothes but currently my motivation is down again. I have to go out of the house again because I really have the cabine fever.
If I wake up early enough, maybe I'll go to the arts museum and then eat at a delicious restaurant. Well, that's a plan!

I don't have a new year's resolution because I know, I won't keep them XD
Did you guys make them? ^3^
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I am totally in the mood for christmas! I already baked cookies (which turned out disgusting T_T), sang christmas carols and did some charity work. My little plastic christmas tree is already out too and I can't wait to put some presents under it. tehe~ Tea is also my current companion again, there is nothing better than a hot cup of tea on a cold winter's day. It snowed so much in Vienna, that I was totally in shock, when I saw it. I don't like winter very much because I am a summer person but currently I try to do my best out of it. I'll manage.

I feel like uploading some christmas pictures but I told myself to not flood my friendslist anymore. The next pictures will probably only come next week or the week after.

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas with lots of presents and happiness (yes, I am in a kitsch mode XD) and a happy new year <3
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I have a lot of Cosplay ideas again, but the difficult thing is to find good references in books or beautiful fanarts for the cosplay clothes.

Characters from books I want to cosplay are:
Morgaine le fay - The mists of Avalon
an elf from Silmarillion - Lord of the rings
Cho Chang - Harry Potter
Lily Evans - Harry Potter with :iconslippeddee: and :iconyvyne:
Cat - Nighthuntress series
Jaenelle - Black jewels
Dorian - The picture of Dorian Gray
Teleny (XDDD) - Teleny with :iconyvyne:
Nicholas - The priest and the acolyte with :iconyvyne:
Arya or Sansa (bc I am actually more the Sansa type but hate her >_<) - A song of ice and fire
Asha - ASOIAF =D

Is anyone interested in cosplaying with me? <3

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